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"Re-design food rituals and conventions"

the trojan bar  

The Trojan Bar is a transportable big wooden box with the dimensions of 180x73x118 cm that reveals at a certain moment, with mechanisms, lights and shelves which expand to provide full functionality as a micro-bar, more exactly as a Bar in the bar, or bar in the restaurant.

2012 in Kellohalli, Helsinki

  the trojan bar   the trojan bar


Still Life with Light is an installation around the end of the classical glass wine bottle, but keeping the wine basic elements, the label, the cork, and the vine, also when in form of symbolic representations.

2012 in Sotheby's, Palias Wilczek, Vienna Design Week



The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant is a business model that tries to rethink the perception of the kitchen, of cooking, and of food, and all of these in relation to nature in 2011.

2011 in La Triennale di Milano, Milan; and Helsinki
***Arquitecture FAD international Prize 2014***
***Innovative Media Prize and Special Prize for Innovative Marketing at Vuoden Huiput Awards Finland 2011***



NODE Bar,Temporary Bar in the Node Festival of electronic music.

2010 in NODE festival at Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milan



PFIC BAR, Public Fountain Ice Cube Bar is a business model that uses public fountains as a platform to develope an activity, updating in this way historical monuments.

2008 in Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino



Candy Restaurant in this way formalize the ocasionally act of eating a candy by bringing it into the rituals of allday food, and transforming then alldays into a more contemporary experience and feeling.

2007 in Tokyo



Food Facility is a prototype for a Business model.
Food Facility is then a Platform, which mainly mixes Outsourcing, search engines and networking to improve as much as possible the infrastructure of any conventional restaurant in economical terms, and reflecting the way we perceive reality and all-day in the new media and internet era.
Food Facility is a restaurant with more than 9 Kitchens and lots of drinks.

2005 in Mediamatic, Amsterdam



Camper FoodBALL Barcelona

2004 Barcelona



Camper FoodBALL Berlin

2006 in Berlin Mitte



Contempolrary domestic urban kitchen unit.

2002 presented in Casadecor, Barcelona



Food Karaoke - Spamt.
Follow the video projection with your hands and prepare your own snack. The system encourages the visitor to produce Spamt. He or she then becomes a part of the political-economical system.

2001 Presented in Foodwork.
La Sala Vinçon, Barcelona



Artificial indoor fog made of Gin and Tonic. Gat Fog party is an artificial indoor meteorological phenomenon based in weather engineering for "cultural farming" purposes.

2004 performed in CASCO Projects, Utrech



PHARMA-FOOD a system of nourishment through breathing.
Pharma food is composed of a type of particle that is ingested by breathing and that has nutritional effects on the organism. These particles include vitamins, amino acids, minerals and micronutrients in general. The particles constitute a volatile muesli that is released to be inhaled and then reach their destination by the mouth.

1999 Presented in Futur Compost. Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona



Sponsored Food
The idea of creating a network of Sponsored Food restaurants would allow people to be free from social behaviour that evolves from the necessity of survival (competition, work, family). To eat for free would unavoidably provoke unforeseeable reactions and social transformations. Sponsored Food demonstrates the parallel meaning of the sense of nature at the beginning of humanity and capitalism nowadays

1997 Presented in SPAMT
Galeria H2O, Barcelona



Food Bank
Food Bank is a system of restaurants without dinning rooms. Food Bank is a graphic system, which like graffiti parasites a common city bench.

2001 Presented in Arco Art Fair. Madrid



SPAMT Factory 1.0

1997 Performed in SPAMT
Galeria H2O, Barcelona.



SPAMT Factory 2.0

1997 Presented in SPAMT+ Techno-tapas.
La Sala Vinçon, Barcelona



ABCDF Grill Party.
A typography made by edible tools.

1997 Atelier Karin Wilpert, Berlin



SSK Snack Bar Wall.
Food is no longer between conversations but surrounding you, thereby mixing interior design and gastronomy.

1998 SSK, Berlin


mealing cup


“Mealing” describes the act of eating a meal, as well as the social concept of a relational meal. Mealing is a performance and meal-in-motion for approximately 80 people within an enclosed space. Participants will be given ceramic glasses with “edible microsnacks” adhered to their surface and instructions for eating them while performing small gestures that will require each person to interact with their fellow diners.

2009 Performa Hub, New York

  Mealing performance   mealing diagram


Kimchi Bar
Kimchi and Beer Pop up monothematic one night bar.

2010 E1, Barcelona



Since different uses, interests, foods, drinks, people, situations, shapes and forms may cross in a designed point, this point, also called MA*GA BAR may produce a pattern of culture, social activity, gastronomy and a crossed pattern of seats and tables, as well as a crossed pattern of sauces on dishes.

2010 MA*GA BAR, Museo Arte Gallarate, Gallarate


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