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"Food is a mass consumption object"


Graphic Stamp Tool

2014 for Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca, Modena, Italy



Apple Schnapps Tool.
A_S_T is in an edition of 10 and allows you to create a 5cl schnapps glass
of any apple to taste Stählemühle Brände.

2013 Series of 10 numbered and signed made for Stählemühle, Eigeltingen-Münchhöf. Germany



Beer Tap for Spain

2014 Estrella Damm.



Beer Tap for Estrella Damm UK.

2012 Estrella Damm.



Estrella DAMM pack for UK. Barcelona collection of 7 .

2013 Estrella Damm.



Beer Pack Estrella Damm UK.
4 beers pack with prize draws to win
a trip to see a Barça match in Camp Nou, Barcelona.

2012 Estrella Damm.



Morro Fi Vermouth Label.
Screen printed illustration for
vermouth bottle.

2012 Morro Fi.



Beer Glass for Estrella Damm Export.

2012 Produced by Estrella Damm



Sugar Cube.
A sugar container in the shape and proportions of a big sugar cube.

2010 Produced by Alessi.



Communicator Arrow.
A recipient with a big arrow in the center where it is possible to write messages. It can contain fruits, personal items, or welcome candies and it is possible to write any message, a personal one, for each day or general messages for the public.

2010 Produced by Alessi.



Communicator Balloons.
A recipient with 3 speaking balloons, which can be used as boards to write messages on. The fruits, the personal items, or anything you put in the container will in this way speak or communicate through the balloons: an indirect way to display thoughts or daily instructions.

2010 Produced by Alessi.



SPAMT tool

1997 Presented in SPAMT
Galeria H2O, Barcelona.



Spamt Tool Kid's Kit. All you need to make Spamt + Techno-Tapas: a tool for measuring the size of the tomato when shopping, a knife, spoon, and a circular cutting tool - the spamt tool.

2000 Produced by Galeria H2O Barcelona



Cup to have hot chocolate with a "never-looks-dirty" system.

2000 Presented in H2000O
Galeria H2O, Barcelona.



Roll on "pÓ amb tomÓquet" sauce in case you are travelling to Madrid.

1997 Presented in SPAMT
Galeria H2O, Barcelona.



Authentics Aprons.
Collection of aprons and towels that use no ribbons and no extra elements but are based on folding systems and geometry.

1999 Produced by Authentics



Bar Man Ring.
To open bottles magically.

2004 Produced by Cha-Cha



Edible Pen.
Personally pen with anti-robbery system.

1997 Presented in SPAMT
Galeria H2O, Barcelona.



Caviar Nacarii, packaging

2005 Commercial work



Lunch Pack.
Ready to eat food packaging system

2000 Commercial work




Cornflakes Pack.
Finally you don't need any other box to keep the flakes in.

1997 Presented in SPAMT
Galeria H2O, Barcelona



Wine label.
To remember the name of the wine the next day.

2005 Presented in Arco Art Fair. Madrid



Geometrical system that allows you to dosify the content of the envelope depending on where you cut it. It allows you 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or a full dose of the content.

1998 Prototype



Photogenic Dish system.
A tool to take pictures of food.

2003 Presented in the Food Culture Museum, Barcelona.


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