Martí Guixé
Transtion Menu - reviewing creative gastronomy
Published by Corraini Edizioni
ISBN: 978-88-7570-392-9




Martí Guixé
R&D Book
Illustration by Inga Knölke
Research and development book.
Published by Corraini Edizioni
ISBN 978-88-7570-343-1




Martí Guixé
Food Designing
Photography Inga Knölke
A book about the food work of Martí Guixé.
Texts by Beppe Finessi, Octavi Rofes, Inga Knölke, Jeffrey Swartz. And a FAQ about food design.
Published by Corraini Edizioni
ISBN 978-88-7570-249-6

2015 Second Edition + 32 pages

3rd Prize Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, Paris 2010



Food Book
A paint food book.
Published by Corraini Edizioni
ISBN 978-88-7570-222-9




Food Design
A paint food book.
Published by Galeria H2O Barcelona
ISBN 84-932554-0-8




Martí Guixé 1:1
IPublished by 010 Rotterdam
Edited by Ed van Hinte
Photography by Inga Knölke
Design by Martí Guixé
Introduction by Paola Antonelli
Text by Octavi Rofes
Interview by Brigitte Rambaud
English 96 pp, 297x420mm, paperback ISBN 90 6450 441 5




Martí Guixé, Cook Book
A Meta-Territorial Cuisine
Published by Imschoot uitgevers
Edited by Kurt Vanbelleghem
Photography from Inga Knölke
English. 64 pp, hard cover.
ISBN 9077362045



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