Martí Guixé Food Design since 1997

“Caña” Glass · 2021 · standard 25cL beer glass without a handle · Estrella Damm, Barcelona

Political Correct Mead Labels · 2021 · Els Cingles, Calldetenes

3d PRINTED CERAMICS · 2020 · glasses and bowls 3d printed · Ex-Designer Project Bar  · Read More

Hidromel Classic Label · 2020 · This label is for the normal range of Els Cingles mead. It depicts a bear in a state of sexual arousal chasing a naked woman who holds a beehive protectively in her arms, even as a swarm of bees leaves the hive and prepares to attack the bear · El Cingles, Calldetenes

Beer mug · 2019 · The mugs increase in capacity by growing in diameter and not in height, the handle does not change in size or position, which makes the group of glasses of different sizes photogenic together and builds a more compact, solid and forceful perception of the Estrella Damm mugs. The texture of the glass is on the inside, facilitating the possible application of occasional graphics by serigraphy on the outer surface. The Estrella Damm logo in high relief has its position on the face opposite to the user of the mug, which creates and open and friendly experience · Estrella Damm, Barcelona

Beer Coaster · 2017 · Putte´s Bar and Pizza, Helsinki

Hemp Mead · 2017 · Silkscreen bottle Edition. This label is for the hemp range of Els Cingles mead and as special edition made for Ex-Designer Project Bar· El Cingles, Calldetenes

Bottle back labels · 2017 · Drawings and handwriting for beer bottle back labels · Estrella Damm, Barcelona

Hidromel Piments Label · 2016 · spiced mead · El Cingles, Calldetenes

Beer coasters · 2016 · hand writing · Estrella Damm, Barcelona

Phosphor Candle for celebrating birthdays in airplanes · 2015 · Presented in 4712 Group Exhibit, Hannover

La SIgnora Eugenia  e il passero solitario Wine label and CI · 2014 · Red wine, white wine and white wine produced from overripe grapes ·  Cascina Eugenia, Pettenasco (NO) ·  Know more

Grappa di Pratolungo Label · 2014 · Cascina Eugenia, Pettenasco (NO) · buy it

G_S_T · 2014 · Modena Vinegar Graphic Stamp Tool · Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca, Modena

Beer Tap for Spain · 2014 · For Estrella Damm, Barcelona

A_S_T · Apple Schnapps Tool · 2013 · allows you to create a 5cl schnapps glass on any apple to taste Stählemühle Brände · Series of 10 numbered and signed and made for Stählemühle, Eigeltingen-Münchhöf

Beer Pack for UK · 2013 · Barcelona collection of 7 · Estrella Damm Export, Barcelona

Beer Tap for UK · 2012 · For Estrella Damm Export, Barcelona

Morro Fi Vermouth Label · 2012 · silkScreen printed illustration for vermouth bottle · Morro Fi, Barcelona

Beer Glass for Export · 2012 · Estrella Damm Export, Barcelona

Seed Safe · 2010 · Seeds are in some way more valuable than money. Therefore the seed safe is a must in each home. Keep the seeds you get from eating fruits, and then plant them to become a rich person. Produced by alessi, Crusinallo di Omegna

Sugar Cube, Communicator Arrow, Communicator Balloons · 2010 · A sugar container in the shape and proportions of a big sugar cube · A recipient with a big arrow in the center where it is possible to write messages. It can contain fruits, personal items, or welcome candies and it is possible to write any message, a personal one, for each day or general messages for the public · A recipient with 3 speaking balloons, which can be used as boards to write messages on. The fruits, the personal items, or anything you put in the container will in this way speak or communicate through the balloons: an indirect way to display thoughts or daily instructions · Produced by Alessi, Crusinallo di Omegna

Wine Label · 2005 · To remember the name of the wine the next day · Presented in Arco Art Fair Madrid

Prosecco Target · 2004 · Edited by Alessi in 2008 for the opening of the Alessi paris shop, crusinallo di omegna · out of producction

Bar Man Ring · 2004 · To open bottles magically · Edited by Cha-Cha, Barcelona

Photogenic Dish System · 2003 · A tool to take pictures of food · Presented in the Food Culture Museum, Barcelona

Spamt Tool Kit · 2000 · All you need to make Spamt + Techno-Tapas: a tool for measuring the size of the tomato when shopping, a knife, spoon, and a circular cutting tool; the Spamt Tool · Edited by Galeria H2O, Barcelona

Hot chocolate cup with a “never-looks-dirty” system · 2000 · Presented in the exhibit H2000O · Galeria H2O, Barcelona

Lunch Pack · 2000 · Ready to eat food packaging system · Commercial work

Authentics Aprons · 1999 · Collection of aprons and towels that use no ribbons and no extra elements but are based on folding systems and geometry · Out of Production

Sobredosis · 1998 · Geometrical system that allows you to dose the content of the envelope depending on where you cut it. It allows you 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or a full dose of the content · Prototype

Cornflakes Pack · 1997 · Finally, you don't need any other box to keep the flakes in · Presented in the exhibit SPAMT · Galeria H2O, Barcelona

SPAMT Tool · 1997 · Presented in the exhibit SPAMT · Galeria H2O, Barcelona

Roll On “Pà Amb Tomàquet” · 1997 · Roll on with "Pà Amb Tomàquet" sauce in case you are travelling to Madrid · Presented in the exhibit SPAMT · Galeria H2O, Barcelona

Edible Pen · 1997 · Personal pen with anti-robbery system · Presented in the exhibit SPAMT · Galeria H2O, Barcelona