Food as a tool to redesign daily rituals and conventions

Radical Coupage Theory Vins · 2021 · is a protocol for “coupage,” or mixing different wines together, following unconventional criteria. The resulting wine is more than a gastronomic product · A project by Martí Guixé, with the collaboration of the oenologist Joan Asens and Addend · Read More  

Social Warming · 2021 · is a five-course meal that arrives in conjunction with a series of objects that unconsciously communicate ideas, comment on values or propose alternative visions and perceptions related to the cuisine of Marco Ambrosino chef at the restaurant 28 Posti ·  A project done with students of the Master in Food Design And Innovation at the SPD, Scuola Politecnica di Design

Ex-Designer Project Bar · 2020 · A bar full printed in 3d printing machines · KNOW MORE


Food Ideas · 2020 · Food ideas is a laboratory space dedicated to gastronomic science and food design. Contemporary by its unfinished nature, it is a hybrid space that can be a classroom, a show-cooking space, a laboratory or a showroom · SPD Food Ideas at Base Milano

DZtrojan · 2018 · Small version of the Trojan Bar (2012) which was referred to as Fahrradschrank (2011) · for Estrella Damm

Tickets Window Display · 2017 · Estrella Damm showcase · Tickets Restaurant, Barcelona

Fake food Park · 2016 · The approach to food has to be more like a project, something to design or think about, and less about the making. With Fake Food Park I would like children to approach food in a different way, still in a fun way but more intellectually, in a more abstract way · Exhibition at National Museum of Victoria, Merlbourne · READ MORE

Macha BAR W.A.R. · 2014 · Pojang Macha Bar with Augmented Reality. The Bar promotes the menu with giant inflatable balloons in the shape of the food and drinks served. These iconic balloons change when the menu changes. This kind of “Proto-augmented reality” evidences the banality in which the virtual recreates a copy of the real world and at the same time promotes the richness of the real and finally links to one of the last real things: food · Exhibited at Metastable Festival B:om

· Photographed by Woo-sung Jeon · Photographs courtesy of Festival B:om

MUTA · 2014 · A bar Restaurant made with art transportation boxes · Madrid

photography J. Taltavull

The Trojan Bar · 2012 · is a large, portable wooden box with dimensions of 180x73x118 cm. It opens to reveal mechanisms, lights and shelves which expand to provide full functionality as a micro-bar, more precisely as a bar in the bar, or bar in the restaurant · Kellohalli, Helsinki · Fondazione Achille Castiglioni, Milan 2013 · Nike stadium, Milan 2013

Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant · 2011 · is a business model that tries to rethink the perception of the kitchen, of cooking, and of food, and all of these in relation to nature in 2011 · La Triennale di Milano, Milan · Helsinki

Arquitecture FAD international Prize 2014 · Innovative Media Prize and Special Prize for Innovative Marketing at Vuoden Huiput Awards Finland 2011

NODE Bar · 2010 Temporary Bar in the Node Festival of electronic music · NODE festival at Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro By Sporiti Italia, Milan

MA*GA BAR · 2010 · Since different uses, interests, foods, drinks, people, situations, shapes and forms may cross in a designed point, this point, also called MA*GA BAR may produce a pattern of culture, social activity, gastronomy and a crossed pattern of seats and tables, as well as a crossed pattern of sauces on dishes · Museo Arte Gallarate, Gallarate

Mealing · 2009 · “Mealing” describes the act of eating a meal, as well as the social concept of a relational meal. Mealing is a performance and meal-in-motion for approximately 80 people within an enclosed space. Participants will be given ceramic glasses with “edible microsnacks” adhered to their surface and instructions for eating them while performing small gestures that will require each person to interact with their fellow diners · Performa09, New York

PFIC BAR · 2008 · Public Fountain Ice Cube Bar is a business model that uses public fountains as a platform to develop an activity, fhus updating historical monuments · Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino

Candy Restaurant · 2007 · formalizing the occasional act of eating a candy by infusing it with the rituals of regular food, thus transforming the everyday into a more contemporary experience and feeling · Commissioned by DRILL · presented by Yurakucho Marui and Marunouchi Cafe Ease, Tokyo

GAT FOG · 2006   · real Gin and Tonic fog.  · performed in spazio Lima, milan

FoodBALL · 2006 · A healthy fast food · Camper, Berlin

Food Facility · 2005 · is a prototype for a Business model, a platform that mainly mixes Outsourcing, search engines and networking to improve the infrastructure of any conventional restaurant as much as possible in economic terms, and reflect the way we perceive reality everyday life in the new media and internet era. Food Facility is a restaurant with more than nine Kitchens and lots of drinks · Mediamatic, Amsterdam

FoodBALL · 2004 · A healthy fast food · Camper, Barcelona

GAT FOG PARTY · 2004 · Artificial indoor fog made of Gin and Tonic. Gat Fog party is an artificial indoor meteorological phenomenon based on weather engineering for "cultural farming" purposes · performed in CASCO Projects, Utrecht

Food Karaoke – Spamt · 2001 · Follow the video projection with your hands and prepare your own snack. The system encourages the visitor to produce Spamt. He or she then becomes a part of the political-economical system · Presented in Foodwork. La Sala Vinçon, Barcelona

Food Bank · 2001 · Food Bank is a system of restaurants without dining rooms. Food Bank is a graphic system, which like graffiti parasitizes a common city bench · Presented in Arco Art Fair, Madrid

PHARMA-FOOD · 1999 · a system of nourishment through breathing. Pharma food is composed of a type of particle that is ingested by breathing and that has nutritional effects on the organism. These particles generally include vitamins, amino acids, minerals and micronutrients, and constitute a volatile muesli that is inhaled through the mouth · Presented in Futur Compost. Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona

SSK Snack Bar Wall · 1998 · Food is no longer between conversations but surrounding you, thereby mixing interior design and gastronomy · SSK, Berlin

Sponsored Food · 1997 · The idea of creating a network of Sponsored Food restaurants would allow people to be free from social behavior that evolves from the necessity of survival (competition, work, family). To eat for free would unavoidably provoke unforeseeable reactions and social transformations. Sponsored Food demonstrates the parallel meaning of the sense of nature at the beginning of humanity and capitalism nowadays · Presented in the exhibit SPAMT. Galeria H2O, Barcelona

SPAMT Factory 2.0 · 1997 · Performed in the exhibit SPAMT+ Techno-tapas. La Sala Vinçon, Barcelona

SPAMT Factory 1.0 · 1997 · Performed in the exhibit SPAMT. Galeria H2O, Barcelona